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when did common sense become uncommon

February 11, 2012

100 years ago taxes were state and not federal.

in 1913 our representatives thought we should have a head tax? but actually there were not enough states to enact it.

Yet the people were told that income was now taxable.

the proof is that it was never ratified yet we allow the IRS to control our lives.

little lies that turned into horrible truths. now we have a Federal reserve in control of our monetary system and since 1013 our dollar has been devalued to .o3 cents from that date 98 years ago.

now we all wait who know what has gone on before us and we try to teach others of not only their plight but their incarceration into the prison systems of this tyranny.

we work to train sheriffs that they are the top law enforcement of each county.

we train all who wish to listen in their civic duty to reclaim their heritage. Yet common sense which was present at the start of this Union seems to have lost out to greed, sloven behaviour, and a mental maturity of some apes. but not human beings.

we have lost that identity and are now slaves to a corporate fascist world dictatorship.

To Thomas Jefferson. we allowed the banks to supplant the people in controlling our value which now is lost to our progeny.

To James Madison the first treaty that this country made with Muslims in Tripoli is now only history as a Muslim in our presidency has finished his job placing our armed forces against the American people. Yet very few have the common sense to realize this



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